It's Wild Will Brower from NCSU

ya boy

My life decisions

Hey fellow humans, my ontended major is that of Aerospace engineering. I currently attend the University of North Carolina. My intended graduation date is 2020 but that can always change if I do some sort of co-op. I'm just in this thing for the money. I promise I'm nbetter at other subjects because we both know this isn't my best one. Love you Professor.

My future life choice in this area

I chose this degree because I enjoy math and things that fly, so I thought aerospace would be a good idea. Everyone is obsesed with the idea of flying and I thought it would be cool to help out with it. I would also like to work with the military in creating new technologies that would helpl our troops during combat. that was always a big dream of mine but I decided not to join the army. If I can't do Aerospace I would do something, I'm not sure which engineering, that would help make solar power more economical.

My Qualifications

Class Course Title Semester
Calculus 2 Ma 241 Spring 2017
Calculus 3 Ma 242 Fall 2017
Physics 205 PY 205 Spring 2017
Physics Lab Physics 206 Spring 2017
Mechanical and Aerospace 113 MAE 113 Spring 2017