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My name is Walker Booth. I am a student at NCSU currently enrolled in E115. This is my homework assignment.

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About Me

My intended major is Computer Science at North Carolina State University. I anticipate to graduate in May of 2020.

Reasons for choosing Computer Science

I chose to major in Computer Science because I love to solve problems and troubleshoot computer programs. Thinking analytically is a skill of mine, and computer science is heavily dependent on this style of thought when solving problems. I would like to use my degree to work in the field of Data Analytics and analyze big data. My other interests in statistics and probability combined with my love for computer science make me very passionate about data analytics and big data.

Class Course Title Semester
MA242 Calculus 3 Spring '16
PY205/6 Physics for Engineers and Scientists Spring '17
CSC216 Programming Concepts - Java Spring '17
CSC226 Discrete Math CSC Spring '17
PY208/9 Physics for Engineers and Scientists 2 Fall '17