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Cooperative Extension Service

William G. Lord

Area Specialized Agent,
Water Resources

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"Provide water quality education and technical assistance to the citizens of North Carolina"

Experience & Education:

Mr. Lord has a B.S. in Horticultural Science and a M.S. in Entomology from N.C. State University. He began working for the N.C. Cooperative Extension Service in 1986 as an agricultural extension agent and became an area environmental agent in 1996. Mr. Lord has worked with agricultural nutrient management, agricultural best management practice management, and numerous agricultural watershed water quality improvement and demonstration projects. Since 2001 his focus has been on urban stormwater management with research and demonstration projects involving stormwater wetlands, bioretention, permeable pavement, and green roofs. As a member of Extension’s Neuse Education Team and Watershed Education Network Mr. Lord teaches short courses in North Carolina and the Eastern U.S. on stormwater BMP design, construction, and maintenance. 

Current projects include teaching a stormwater BMP maintenance and inspection short course and certification program, installation of a series of stormwater BMP demonstration and research projects in 3 municipalities, a large rain water harvesting project, and a Low Impact Development Wal Mart in the Tar- Pamlico river basin. Mr. Lord has been a panelist on UNC-TV’s Almanac Gardener since 1992.

Water Quality Projects:

1996-1998: Devils Cradle Watershed Project: Implement no-till tobacco production, proper pesticide handling, and nutrient management planning on 18 tobacco farms in Franklin County, North Carolina. 

1999-2001: Sandy Creek Watershed Project: Implement no-till tobacco production and nutrient management planning on 20 farms in Vance and Franklin Counties in North Carolina. 

1998-2002: Neuse Crop Management Project: Implement comprehensive nutrient management planning, installation of agricultural BMPs, and integrated pest management on farms in three physiograpic regions of the Neuse River basin. 

2001- present: SSSHS Stormwater Wetland Project: Install, monitor, and maintain stormwater wetland at Smithfield Selma Senior High School in Johnston County NC. Wetland has served as outdoor classroom, research site, and tour site for multiple workshops. 

2001-2004: Toisnot Creek Stormwater BMP Project: Install and monitor stormwater BMPs, including stormwater wetlands and bioretention beds in new development in Toisnot Creek watershed in Wilson County, N.C. Focus on bioretention design to facilitate nitrogen removal via denitrification. 

2004 – Present: Tar River Stormwater BMP Project: Install and monitor a series of stormwater BMPs in the Tar River basin including stormwater wetlands and bioretention. Research efforts focused on nitrogen and phosphorus removal as well as exfiltration from bioretention. 

2006 – Present: Nashville NC Wal Mart low impact development project. Work with developers and engineers to install permeable pavement, stormwater wetlands, and bioretention beds at a Wal Mart Supercenter. Actively maintain and monitor BMPs over 24 month time period. Wal mart will serve as research site, demonstration site, and case study. 

2008: Louisburg High School Bioretention Project: Supervise design and construction of large bioretention bed to treat runoff from campus of Louisburg (NC) High School. Bioretention project will serve as outdoor classroom, case study, and demonstration project. 

2008: Franklin County Animal Shelter Cistern Project: Supervise design and installation of 20,000 gallon cistern to harvest rainwater for new animal shelter. Project will serve as case study and demonstration site.

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