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Hello, my name is Wilson Rogers and I am going to tell you about myself. I am currently a 5th year senior at NC State University majoring in Agricultural Business and Management. Some of my interests are reading historical and historical fiction books, drawing, and watching sports. In terms of books, I mostly read novels such as the Jack Ryan Series by Tom Clancy and historical books such as The Black Count, though I cannot really get into fiction or fantasy as much as I did when I was a kid. Drawing has been something that I have always enjoyed since I was a kid because it is the most simple and easiest form of art, but at the same time can be very complex at the same time. In terms of sports that I enjoy watching, NFL is by far my favorite, with English Premier League being second, and I cheer for everything Philadelphia, especially the Eagles.

There are things that I enjoy in CSC 200, but there are also things that I do not enjoy. The thing that I most enjoy is surprisingly the term project. I enjoy having to come up with a product and try and market it and ask for investment through building different websites. So far I enjoy using SeaMonkey a lot more than SNAP because it is much simpler and more user friendly. SNAP to me is simple on the surface, but can be quite complicated the more you want to do with it, like golf, easier to play, but hard to master.

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