Wyatt Russell's Resume

This is me

My Studies

I am currently in the process of CODAing into Mechanical Engineering here at North Carolina State University. I therefore currently only have a Mechanical Engineering Intent, however plan to graduate with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering in May of 2020.

Career Path

I chose to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering because I love solving real-world problems, and because the degree encompasses many different aspects and types of engineering. I prefer a more general major because of how I would like to find a new form of constant, renewable energy production other than things like solar and wind. To do that, I need to be exposed to as many different fields as possible so as to see the one with the most potential. I later hope to go to graduate school to pursue this dream as well.

Unique Skills

  • Very confident presenting on most any topic in English
  • Relatively fluent in Spanish
  • Solve problems from the perspective of not only what resources are available, but what resources are needed to find a solution
  • Adept at writing and giving speeches to most any audience or audience size

  • Current Courses

    Class Course Title Semester
    Hon 296 Hip-Hop and Civic Engagement Spring 2017
    MA 341 Differential Equations Spring 2017
    FLS 202 Intermediate Spanish Spring 2017