Pizza, my Major, and chillin

My name is Will Mullinix. I am currently a freshman, meaning that i am a part of the NC State class of 2019. I am currently a biochemistry major with the intention to switch to Chemical Engineering. I applied to NC State with the intention of being a ChemE major, but that did not work out as planned due to me having lower priority as a result of being from out of state.

My favorite hobby is to go camping. If camping backpacking can be called a hobby than i am definately going with that. I have always loved being outdoors and hanging out with friends. So naturally camping is a thing that i love to do. A group of friends can pack backpacks and hit a trail and instantly have a weekend of adventure. Back home there were plenty of parks nearby as well as great backpacking all around whether it was Picture Rocks National Lakeshore or Wilderness areas on the west side of the state, a group of guys and gals could get out there and just have fun in the woods.

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  1. Pick up the phone and dial up pizza hut, 1-248-596-4801. Dont call this number i made it up
  2. Demand to talk to Papa John
  3. ask for one pepperone, ayy pep pep eronaaayyy
  4. Call Jets Pizza and get a Detroit Style pizza because that is the best kind of pizza in the world
Class Expected Grade
CH201 A-
PY205 B-
MA241 A
ENG101 B
E115 Pass