Move along. Nothing to see here

My name is Walker Powell. I am currently a freshman and I am torn between a Nuclear Engineering major and a Mathematics major. Nuclear engineering is by far the most appealling engineering program for me because I enjoy the physics and the mathematical machinery behind it. I am aslo leaning heavily towards math, primarily because it is my favorite subject and I will have 24 hours of math credit at the end of this semester. The choice between them will be difficult, but I have some time.

My favorite hobby is probably playing the guitar. I play other instruments, but guitar is the most prevalent instrument in the music that I like to listen to, so I can learn some of my favorite music. It is hard finding the time to practice with school going on, but every second of it is worth it. I am currently working on the song "One" by Metallica. It is a technically difficult song and has a lot of fun rhythm parts. I may not be Kirk Hammett, but I can give the song a good try.

My Resume
  1. Obtain eight dollars
  2. Navigate to 2426 Hillsborough St, Raleigh, NC 27607
  3. Wait to be seated
  4. Order the London Broil
  5. Enjoy the best sandwich ever
Class Expected Grade
CH 101 General Chemistry A
CH 102 General Chemistry Lab
ENG 101 Academic Writing and Research A
E 115 Introduction to Computing Environments S
MA 401 Applied Differential Equations II A+
MA 451 Methods of Applied Mathematics II A+
Kirk Hammett playing guitar