Homework 6

My name is William Denny. I am married and have two young daughters. I am currently in the Bachelor of science in Mechanical Engineering Systems program as of October 16, 2015. This program is offered by NC State and is site-based in Havelock, NC. I live about forty-five minutes away from the campus, which is very convenient. My first program of choice was electrical engineering. However, the mechanical engineering program and location made everything more convenient for me and my family.

My favoite hobby is going fishing. I live about ten minutes away from the nearest boat ramp. I am able to fish in the nearby rivers and creeks for many different species of fish. Additionally, I am near the ocean and can go outside fishing if I prefer. The only problem with fishing in the ocean is that I get sea-sick after about four hours. Therefore, I prefer fishing near the shores. My favorite fish to catch are redfish and trout.

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Inshore Fishing Report

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My Classes Expected Grade
Physics II A
Materials B
E115 S
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