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My name is Wesley Lima. I am a freshman at NC State, and I am majoring in engineering. When I am ready to CODA, I hope to earn a place in mechanical engineering. I chose this major because one day I would like to help to improve our military technology and keep our troops safe. I first found an interest in this after shadowing a former Navy SEAL who now designs and manufactures armored vehicles that are safer for military personnel deployed overseas. After my own military career, it is my hope to enter into a similar line of work.

My favorite hobby is martial arts. I have been studying martial arts for the past fourteen years. I first began training when I was four years old. I practice Isshinryu Karate and Jujitsu. In June 2015, I received my certification to open a school and become an official teacher. One of my dreams is to travel to Japan and learn other types of martial arts as well.

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My favorite pizza is White pizza from Coppola's Pizzeria in Mt Airy, NC. To order this pizza:

  1. Walk into Coppola's Pizzeria
  2. Ask a waitress for a White Pizza
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

Class Grade
MA141 100
CH101 97
EC201 94
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