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My name is William Magee and I am a freshman. I am trying to go into computer and electrical engineering. I am also involved in Air Force ROTC. I love to play golf and I love the Lord Jesus. I also enjoy helping people and making the world a better place. Oh, and I chose my major becuase I love computers and want to make bank working with technology.

Like I said previously I love to help people. I volunteer with Carolina Cross Connection Mission Trip and Special Olympics. It is a life changing experience when you can make somebodies day. Also it is very interesting how to make somebodies day. It can be as complicated as building a porch, or simply smiling and saying hello. "The way we change the world is one random act of kindness at a time."

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  1. Buy the dough from behind a ghetto pizza parlor.
  2. Open the cook book. Then find the phone book.
  3. Look up phone number to real pizza parlor.
  4. Order pizza and prepare money for delivery.

Class Name Grade Expected
MA 141 A-
AS 122 A
ECE 109 B+
E 115 Pass
EC 201 B-
IPGE 295 A
USC 102 B
ENG 105 C+
Carolina Cross Connection