Hello! My name is Will McCarrick. I am from Hickory, NC. I am a sophomore at NC State. I want to major in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I chose this major because I am very interested in computers and their hardware. I have always wanted to work with it and enjoy it so much I figure I'll make it a profession.

My favorite hobby is Fantasy Football. Fantasy Football is one of the most fun things I've ever done with a group of friends. So much competition ensues. Trash-talking is a daily occurrence during football season. Being able to back it up, and rub it in your friends' faces, is one of the best feelings ever.

Dogs. Have you ever mistakenly found yourself on a train at 3:30 in the morning headed to Dallas? No? That's because dogs are better than cats. A cat would let you sleep walk out of your house at 3AM. A dog? A dog would bark at your silly self for walking around it's house while its trying to sleep. It's a clear choice.


My Resume
  1. Grab bread, ham, cheese, mustard, peppers, turkey, and hot sauce
  2. Put cheese on outer layer, cuddled up with bread
  3. Meat, Peppers and hot sauce goes in between the two pieces of bread and cheese
  4. Mustard goes between cheese and bread on one side of sandwich
  5. MUNCH

  6. ECE 220 E115 ECE 211
    A P F