Welcome to my homework page!!!

My name is Wesley Meyers and I want to thank you for visiting my site. I am a
freshman at NC State University in Electrical Engineering. I chose electrical
engineering because I am interested in signal processing, especially as it relates
to audio signals. I find it really cool that we can change the way things sound
simply by sending the sound's signal through a circuit that modifies its signal.
I am also interested in the communications aspect of electrical engineering; things
like turning what a camera sees into an electrical signal. Electrical has lots of
cool applications and I look forward to exploring them.

In my free time, I like to play guitar as my hobby. It can be therapeutic to play
music, and it feels good to learn new songs or parts. Coincidently, I feel as though
my interest in guitar greatly influenced my decision to pursue electrical engineering.
Once I started playing electric guitar I became interested in effects, which led me to
the realization that guitar effects are pure electrical engineering and signal
modification. I have since started to combine the two interests by building my own
effects as well as just playing.

Making fun of Internet Explorer
  1. Call pizza place
  2. Order pizza with pepperoni
  3. Await arrival of pizza
  4. Pay for pizza
  5. Enjoy pizza

Course Expected Grade
Calculus A
Chemistry B
Engineering A
Archaeology A