William Pearce

Hi, my name is William Pearce. I am currently a Freshman at NCSU. I am in the engineering program at State. I wish to major in Chemical Engineering. This is mostly because chemistry is one of the easier sciences for me.

I like a lot of animals. My favourite is a dog. Specifically I like Siberian Huskies. They are nobal and majestic dogs. They are also fun to pet.

For more info you can try Googleing me. It might work. I mean Google is my favourite website.


Probably didn't. My second most favourite website is YouTube.[an error occurred while processing this directive]

As a college student I order pizza a lot. So I have compiled a list of instruction on how to that properly. The list is as follows.

Ordering Pizza like a Pro

  1. Look up the restaurant you want pizza from.
  2. Find out if hey have an on-line ordering option.
  3. If they do use it, it is probably more reliable than calling in.
  4. If they don't find there number and call them.
  5. It is always polite to know your order before calling though not necessary.
  6. Place your order.
  7. Wait for the deliciousness that is your pizza.

To help you prepare for what college is going to bring here is a table of my current classes and an optimistic view of the grade I am going to get.

Course Expected Grade
E 115 S
MA 242 A-
CH 201 B-
CH 202 B-
PY 205 A-
PY 206 A
ENG 101 B

For making it through this website I give you present. A picture of my favourite animal. Enjoy.

My Favourite Animal