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My name is William Way but I go by Jake. Don't ask me why I go by Jake because I don't have a clue in heck. I am a freshman in the school of engineering. The engineering field that I plan on entering if possible is chemical engineering. I want to be a chemical engineer because I am interested in chemistry and I was good at it in high school.

My favorite break from school I believe is going to be winter break. Since I am a freshman I have not experienced any of these breaks yet. I believe that winter break is going to be the best break because it includes Christmas and that is my favorite holiday. As corny as it sounds I love getting presents and love the devorations. I also like this time of year because it is the only time of the year that my entire family is home.

March madness for me is one of the greatests months of sports. First college basketball is my favorite sport by far. The players in college basketball actually hustle and try to play as a team. Another thing I love about March Madness is how unpredictable it is. For instance this year the fifteen seed Florida Gulf Coast has made it to the sweet sixteen and no team has ever done that before. March Madness is the awesome and I believe that everyone should think the same.

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  1. Get two pieces of bread
  2. Get two pieces of ham and place them on the bread
  3. Put some cheese on top of the ham
  4. Put some onions on top of the ham
  5. Spread some mayonnaise on the other piece of bread
  6. Close the sandwich

ClassGrade Expected
Ma 241C+
Py 205B
Ec 205C+

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