Welcome to Homework 6!

My name is William James. I am in the class of 2018. I am currently in the first year college but my planned major is Computer Science, focus in game development. I chose this major because I enjoy coding and I love video games as a whole.

My favourite hobby would have to be playing video games. I enjoy multiple things about video games. For instance, many games I enjoy require problem and puzzle solving and I love the challenge. Additionally, I love the multi-player aspect that many games bring. This hobby of mine has greatly impacted my future job interests.

  1. Obtain home made bread, strawberry jelly, and peanut butter
  2. Slice off two evenly sized slices of bread
  3. Spread a good amount of strawberry jelly on one slice
  4. Spread a good amount of peanut butter on the other slice
  5. Put the two slices together, connecting the stawberry and peanut butter

Course Name Expected Grade
CSC 116 A
PY 205 B-
USC 102 A

Video Games