Welcome to my website!

My name is Will Payne. I am a freshman from St. Louis, Missouri. I am planning on going into the field of Computer Science, specifically the game design industry. I have always enjoyed video games and have been blown away by the visual effects and realism they can capture. I also like to think of myself as creative while also enjoying technology, a blend I find deep-rooted in game design.

There are two main hobbies I am pursuing right now. My first is playing drums. I am a member of NC State's marching band, having played one year of bass drum and hoping to move onto the quad line. My other hobby is playing and working with video games. Along with being an avid Xbox and Nintendo player, I am part of NC State's Video Game Design Club.

Here's my resume!
  1. Make it a large
  2. Order thick crust
  3. Add extra cheese
  4. Add bacon
Class Expected Grade
E115 S
Calc II B +
Chemistry B+
Discrete Math C
Java II U