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Hello! My name is William Welker. I am currently a freshman at NCSU. At the momemt I am seeking a BS in chemical engineering from State. I choose this major for many reasons however there are too big reasons. First, I love working around and with chemistry and it really interests me. Second, Chemistry is one of my most succesful classes, and therefore i feel like i should pursue a career in it.

Of all of my hobbies, I would have to say that playing basketball is my favorite. I started playing basketball when I was around three with my dad. We would usually play a game called horse, and I would always lose. However, these days when my dad and I play, the games have completly flipped sides. Although, this is due to the fact that I often play here at State as well.

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How to Order Pizza

  1. Go to the internet
  2. Open up Pizza Hut's website
  3. Pick the pizza you would like to eat
  4. Finish and Pay

My Classes

Class Ecpected Grade
Ch 101 A
E115 S
Ma242 A

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