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Hello users and welcome to my page! My name is Waleed Asad. I am currently a Sophomore at North Carolina State University. I am currently trying to get a degree in the major Business Administration. I chose this major because I am fascinated in Business and hope to pursue a career in this field.

My favorite hobby is playing soccer. My favorite soccer team is Real Madrid. My favorite soccer player is Cristiano Ronaldo. I have been playing soccer since I was 7 years old. I like playing soccer with my friends.

NCSU wolf Resume

How to make a turkey sandwhich

  1. Get 2 slices of bread out
  2. Apply mayo and spread on both slices
  3. Place 2 slices of turkey on one slice of bread
  4. Put the 2 slices of bread together
  5. Enjoy
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Class Expected Grade
CSC 200 A
FLA 102 A
MA 121 A