Welcome to My Webpage! I am an Engineering Student at NCSU

Will Cruikshank

Education Plan at NC State

I am in the first-year engineering program at North Carolina State University. This means that I am studying to be an engineer, but I am not in a specific discipline. Simply put, I am currently taking prerequisite courses for more advanced engineering classes. My top three choices are Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical/Computer engineering although I am still unsure which one I will choose. I am going to apply to an engineering department by the end of this coming spring.

Major Selection Process

I never had a set goal of what I want to do with an engineering degree so I think broader fields like my three picks will be good for me. My initial interest in engineering was due to my interest/proficiency in math and science. Upon further investigation, I really enjoyed the numerous and wide variety of opportunities that engineering had to offer. Another aspect of engineering that set it apart from any other major choice is that you are still very well-equipped and sought after for jobs outside the scope of engineering. For example, an individual with an engineering degree is able to go into business, health care, or even get a law degree. This is what really made engineering my major choice and ultimately made NCSU my college.

Class Course Title Semester
MA 241 Calculus 2 Fall 2015
MA 242 Calculus 3 Spring 2016
MA 341 Differential Equations I Fall 2016
PY205 Physics Fall 2016
CH 101 Introduction to Chemistry Spring 2017