Welcome to my HW6 Website

My name is Weronika Bianka Nowak and I am a first year of the Class of 2019 in the College of Engineering. I am currently considering two majors; Industrial Engineering and Computer Science. The reason why I have decided to continue my education in one of these two programs is because both are highly interesting and could be valuable in the work of field that I want to be in. Industrial Engineering provides me with the fundamental skills needed to be succesful in the operation of wind farms while computer science creates an opportunity in the same field but from a different perspective.

One of my hobbies is playing volleyball, whether it is competitive or just for fun with friends. Not only is it a great way to get exercise and enjoy your time but it is a great team building sport. You learn to rely on other members of the team and be supportive of everyone regardless their skill level. If the weather allows it, i enjoy playing beach volleyball with my friends outside our residence hall.

USA Volleyball My Resume

How to order pizza

  1. Go to the website that you want to order pizza from
  2. Pick from all the options your favorite pizza
  3. Click the order button and pay for the pizza
  4. Wait 25min and wait for it to be delivered
  5. Enjoy your pizza

  6. Class Name Expected Grade
    CH101 B
    CH102 A
    MA141 B
    ES200 A