Welcome to my about me webpage!

My name is Will Wheeler I am a sophmore at NC State Univiversity and wish to become an Agricultural Engineer. I have always loved math and science and have grown up with a background in agriculturl. I chose Agricultural Engineering because I feel that it is a combination of all my intrests and skills. I am very expcieted to be here at NCSU and hope to be able to gain the skills needed to start my career.

My first job was at NCSU in the crop research department. I worked all summer at NCSU's research farm in Clayton NC. My job was to conduct research on the different corn hybrids that were being developed. I loved working in this job and hope to one day obtain a higher level postion with an Agricultual Research company or NCSU doing crop research.

Pictue of Me

My Favorite Classes

  1. Physics 205
  2. Crop Science
  3. Soil Science 200
  4. History 253

Favorite Clubs

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Agronomy Club Agronomy Club