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My name is Will Carpenter, and I am a freshman at NC State in first year egineering with an intent to obtain a bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I want to major in Computer Science because I have always had an interest in computers and how they function. I built my first computer before my first year of high school, and I am currently in the Educational Computer game First-year Engineering Design Day (FEDD) group. I have a passion for technology and I want to use that passion as fuel to do great things in the field of Computer Science.

My dream job is working as a game developer. Video games have been my preferred choice of entertainment from a very young age. They have inspired me for most of my life and I want to be able to create games that do the same for others.

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List of Classes that Interest Me

  1. EC 205
  2. MUS 132
  3. CSC 116
  4. MUS 134

Clubs I'd like to join

Club NameLink
Video Game Development ClubVGDC
All Music PeopleAMP