Welcome to William Ianine's Webpage


Hi, my name is William Ianine and I am currently a Sophomore in ICT at North Carolina State University. ICT stands for INter-College Transfer, and it is focused in helping students identify the most viable for them within two or three semesters. I am expecting to Graduate around 2021.

Professional Goals

I hope to go into some form of engineering within the next semester. I intend to do so as I have a very specfic mentality going to college. I beleive it is best to get a major in an area you are almost certainly guranteed a job in, regardless of location. I plan on graduating and going into the work force given a good opportunity.

Skills and Qualities

Relevant Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
MA 341 Calculus 3 Fall 2017
PY 208 Physics 208 Spring 2018
PH 211 Physics 211 Fall 2018