Will's Web Page

Will's Webpage

Welcome to the official homepage of Will Patterson

I am a Sophomore in the Biochemistry curriculum at North Carolina State University. This webpage was created as an assignment for my Computer Science 200 Lab. I hope you enjoy the site and can learn a little more about me!

This is me!


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The lac operon (my favorite regulatory mechanism from Microbiology!)
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How I Waste Time

the_chive youtube-logo facebook_logo
The Chive is a great website if you are looking for funny
or awesome videos and pictures.
YouTube always delivers when in need of a study break. Facebook...enough said.

Important Websites

NCSU Homepage NCSU CVM Homepage Veterinary Specialty Hospital Homepage
NCSUBelltower NCSU_CVM Veterinary_Specialty_hospital
The Belltower is one of the most recognizable
landmarks at N.C. State
The N.C. State CVM is currently the third best
Vet School in the Nation
Veterinary Specialty Hospital is a state of the art emergency care facility
for animals located in Cary. I am doing a volunteer internship there.