About Me, Woohee!

Hey everyone.
My name is Woohee Rim and I am curently a freshman here at NCState University.
My current major is undecided, but I have recently been accepted into the College of Design
and I plan on pursuing the architecture major.
I chose this major because
I have always been interested in architecture and design.
I was leaning towards civil engineering as well,
which is why I am enrolled in E115, but
I have decided to just do architecture instead.

Eiffel Tower

During high school, I would have to say that my favorite break
had to have been summer break of 2009.
During this break, I traveled to many places.
One of those places included a trip to Europe.
To be specific, I went to France and Italy.
Another thing that I did over this break
was travel to Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania for a church mission trip.
This trip was a week long, and during this trip,
I helped many people and did other community service work.
An example of this would be packaging food into boxes at a foodbank.

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