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My name is William Roysdon Murray. I am a Freshman studying Nuclear Engineering. The global demand for energy will always be increasing, and unless you want to condemn most of the world to poverty you need more energy. Nuclear Energy provides immense amounts of energy without harmful emissions. Additionally, Nuclear Energy has the second lowest death rate of any energy source, with the amount of people being killed by reactor accidents being only above the amount of people who fall off wind turbines.

At NCSU, in the instances where I am not doing work I am likely playing Team Fortress 2. I did Kung Fu for 5 years and still enjoy the art, however I have lost the motivation to train after I had left my Kung Fu School. I keep fit by walking to classes from Wood hall, doing pull ups in my dorm, and occassionally joining roommates at Miller field for a workout.

Life as an Engineer How to kill time
  1. Acquire three slices of bread
  2. Put one in the toaster
  3. Cut the crust off the other two
  4. Put toasted bread between the trimmed bread
  5. You now have a toast sandwich. Welcome to college.
Classes Grade
Fortran B
Calculus II A-
Chinese I A+
Iron Thumbs