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Hello, my name is William Nathan and I am a freshman. I am planning on majoring in Computer Science. The reason I want to major in computer science is becasue of my Dad. He had a background in programming so when I was young he would teach me how to code programs and we would occasionly compete to see who could make the better program. Ever since then I've wanted to learn more about computers and advanced topics of programming.

My favorite hobby would have to be programming. As the other paragraph says I used to program with my dad as a kid so I've always had that sort of background. I have learned Python, C++, html, a little bit of Ruby, and JavaScript. I have mostly programmed small projects but I am currently making a computer game for my FEDD Project. The majority of my projects are in Pyhthon which I learned through

Cats and dogs. I am a proud owner of one of both of these species. My dog is loyal affectionate adn has grown with me since I was a little kid. He is getting old and I still love him unconditionally but I have to deal with the fact that he may soon die. My cat was originally my sister's. My sister got Mocah when she moved out of the house but then moved to San Francisco where pets aren't allowed and left us with a cat. Despite not purposefully acquiring the cat I have grown very fond of her. Some may ask "Cats or Dogs?", but I must reply "Cats and Dogs."

How I feel

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How I make Pizza

  1. Buy dough from local pizza place.
  2. Toss dough lightly until it fully covers the top of baking stone.
  3. Spread pesto lightly over the surface of the dough except for the outer inch and a half.
  4. Spread pizza sauce lighlty over pesto covered suface of dough
  5. Toss on shredded mozzarella cheese and pepperoni
  6. Bake at 375 degrees for thirty minutes
Classmate Major
Nathaniel Mechanical Engineering
Jacob Electrical Engineering
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