About Weston Peterson

A picture of me

My name is Weston Peterson, I am a freshman going into computer science and physics. I chose computer science because I have always had an interest in computers, and I enjoy working with them (It also helps that it pays well). I am getting a second major in physics because I want to learn more about how the world works and maybe make some discoveries of my own. In the future I hope to combine these degrees by working in quantum computing.

My previous job was at a closing down Kmart. My title was store associate, and my responsibilities were to stock the shelves, return misplaced goods, and provide assistance to customers. I only worked there for a few months because it was closing but I thought that it was good experience anyway.

Most interesting classes I have taken

  1. Computer Science 216
  2. Differential Equations
  3. Physics 202
  4. Economics 205

Clubs that I am in

Club Website
IEEE Robotics Club Website
Society of Physics Scholars Club Website