Welcome to my page!

Greetings, my name is William Henry, and I am a first-year engineering major, with an intent of computer science. I choose computer science because I enjoy working with computers on a daily basis. I also wish to make video games in the future, and a computer science degree could help with that.

In the future, my dream job would be a video game designer. Almost every day, I think about how to create a new, innovative idea for a game, and I want to share my vision with the world. Almost any position with the industry, whether QA or producer, I would be happy.

    Most interesting classes at NCSU that I have taken

  1. SOC 202
  2. MUS 210
  3. PY 205
  4. MA 241
Clubs I am interested in. Link to their website.
Video Game Design Club https://www.facebook.com/groups/VGDCatNCSU/about/
Underwater Robotics Club http://www.ncsurobotics.com/