Scott's Grill of the Gods


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Scott's Grill of the Gods is the best bar & grill in town. Our devotion to serving nothing but the best meat is what sets us apart from similar grills. Come join us to watch the game and enjoy our selection of fine meats. That's right, Scott's Grill of the Gods has a sporting event on every television AT ALL TIMES!!! Choose from our delictable selection of beef, steaks, chicken, and ribs. Scott's Grill of the Gods also honors its acestral German roots with a dish from the old country.

Our history Scott's Grill of the Gods has been owned and operated by someone named Scott for the past 500 years. We celebrate our original German ancestry with our "Bratwurst Dinner" and the German heritage band which plays every Friday night. Our beer selection has consistently ranked in the top 2 in the prestigious Bars and Grills owned and operated by a man named Scott.

"We're going to have good times"