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Welcome to William's Web Page     My name is William Cooper and I am a sophomore attending NC State University. I am currently majoring in Agricultural and Environmental Technology, and have goals to pursue a minor in Business. I grew up playing basketball and still enjoy playing and being involved with the sport. Additionally, I enjoy working out, going fishing, and spending time with friends and family in my spare time. I am very interested in motorized vehicles and how they work. I like working on hands-on activities.
    So far, I am really enjoying the CSC 200 course I am taking. I never thought I would be that interested in a course like this. It has been very eye-opening for me. I think this has to be my favorite activity/assignment that we have been asked to complete thus far. I think it is really cool being able to see how websites are created and programmed to work when some visits them online. I would like to do more activities and assignments that have to do with this sort of thing, as I think it is a cool thing to learn. One thing that I dislike about this course is that I feel like the out-of-class assignments can be difficult to complete by yourself sometimes. I feel that better instruction is necessary to be able to truly know how to do the assignments.

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Food Group Likes Dislikes
Vegetables & Fruits Cucumbers Bananas
Meat & Fish Steak Chicken
Fats & Sugars Donuts Coca-Cola
Milk & Dairy Products Yogurt Milk
Breads & Cereals Bread Cereal