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Hello, My name is Walker Heath and I am a Freshman looking into doing Mechanical Engineering. The main reason I chose to do Mechanical Engineering is because there is a lot of opportunity and variability with this major. The possibilities with this Major are endless and I'm almost guaranteed a job right out of college. Another big reason was because my brother is a recent graduate of UNC Charlotte in Mechanical Engineering and I saw how much success he had early on. Also, I've always loved Math and Science and this seemed like a major that expanded on that.

When it comes to jobs, I open to any that falls under what Mechanical Engineers do. In particular, an automotive company or airplane company would be in my best intrest. My dream job is actually to work for Boeing, Honda Jet, or some luxury automobile company because I've always dreamed of working at a company that produces high end vehicles.

My most Interesting Classes

  1. Chemistry
  2. History of the Ancient Mediterranean World
  3. Introduction to Engineering and Problem Solving
  4. Introduction to Computing Environments

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Golf Website
Tennis Website