Will McCullers' Resume


Hello, my name is Will McCullers

Education Information

I am currently a student at North Carolina State University. I am a part of the college of Exploratory Studies, however I am hoping to matriculate into the Chemical Engineering program by the fall of my sophomore year. I anticipate graduating in May of 2020.

Why I chose this major

I have always had a deep interest in solving science- and math-related problems, ever since I entered high school. Mathematics has always been one of my strongest points academically, and I believe that taking this skill to the next level and putting it to practical use would generate an amazing and fulfilling career. I have always had a liking for chemistry, and having had the opportunity to take it again in college has re-established my interest in this subject. Of all the natural sciences, chemistry is the most attractive to me. Through blending my skills in mathematics with my appreciation for chemistry, I believe that chemical engineering is the best major option for me. I love having the ability to challenge myself, and I know that Chemical Engineering will give me this opportunity.

Skills and Qualities

Class Course Title Semester
CH 101 Introduction to General Chemistry Fall 2016
PY 205 Physics for Engineers and Scientists, Pt. 1 Spring 2017
MA 241 Calculus II for Engineers and Scientists Spring 2017