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About Me:

    Hey everyone! My name is Will Mercer and I'm currently a Senior in Agricultural Business Management. In my free time, I really enjoy going outdoors and exploring my surroundings. One of my favorite things to do outdoors, is to go hiking. My absolute favorite hike that I've been able to do, was hiking the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Myself and a friend of mine hiked down to the Colorado River and back up a different trail on the same rim in a day and a half. Additionally, I also enjoy learning from a good book, staying physically active, and competing in colorguard and winterguard.

Will at the bottom of the Grand Canyon beside the Colorado
This is me after a long 10-12 mile hike down to the Colorado River from the South Kaibab Trail Head on the South Rim.

    I usually don't enjoy history because I get muddled up in the details and the events that occurred on those dates, but I've really enjoyed the history portion of this class. I never realized how much technology has shaped us as a society. Social media and smartphones in general have changed us, but I didn't realize that this revolution started long before social media or smartphones even existed. One of the main things I wish we learned was more practical and everyday use skills or abilities with technology. I'm not entirely sure what that would include, but something similar to SNAP but possibly more applicable to further down the road since I will probably never use SNAP again. While I did enjoy the challenge at times, SNAP has probably been my least favorite and most frustrating thing about CSC 200.

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