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Hey Ben! As you know, my name is Trevor Oestereich. Well, Trevor is my middle name, William is my first name. But I don't go by William so that's pretty much irrelevant. I'm a freshman and I'm intending to CODA into the school of engineering to be an Industrial Engineer. I chose ISE as my intended major because I enjoy problem solving and looking at things that other people have done and saying "I can do that better." I also find working with people to be enjoyable sometimes, so that was an added benefit. Additionally, I didn't really know this when I chose ISE, but I learned recently that my grandfather, while working for the Department of Defense after retiring from the Air Force, basically did the same things that an industrial engineer does, only without the degree.

Currently my favorite hobby is weight lifting, something I recently decided to pick up (get it?!?). I'd always wanted to try lifting consistently just because I've always been kinda skinny and would prefer to put on 5-10 pounds so that I'm comfortably over 150 pounds, but I had never done it before so I never really made the jump to get into it. However, my girlfriend joined the NCSU rowing team this semester and they have morning lift twice a week, so I really had no choice. I've started going consistently a couple weeks before spring break, and I'm going to try to go at least four times a week for the rest of the semester to see if I can make some noteworthy progress before summer and everything.

Steelers Depot

This is a link to my splendid resume.

  1. Dish out dough delightfully
  2. Spread sauce suddenly
  3. Cluster cheese confidently
  4. Place pepperoni proportionately
  5. Sprinkle sausage superbly
  6. Organize onions originally
  7. Bring in the bacon boisterously
  8. Put it in the oven at 375 until it's ready
  9. Dine and devour dish decidedly
  10. Excrete excess enthusiastically
Class Expected Grade
Industrial and Organizational Psych A+
Intro to Computing Environments S
Academic Writing and Research A-