Welcome! Thank you for viewing my Homework #6

I am Willard Griggs and I am a sophomore at NC State. I am currently an Economics major, but I am attempting to double major with Mechanical Engineering. I have interests in being a Financial Advisor, but for years I have dreamed of designing logging and sawmill equipment. I grew up around and I currently work in the lumber industry. It has been my passion since I was a small child. With a degree in both of these fields, my job opportunities are practically endless in nearly any city that I may end up living in.

My favorite hobby is hunting. I live on a 300 acre registered tree farm in the middle of nowhere. Hunting was just a natural thing to do growing up. We hunt deer to keep good, healthy food on the table, we also hunt predators, such as coyotes, and we also hunt birds, including doves and turkeys. Rain, sleet, snow, and shine, the whole family, including my mom, are in the woods at any chance possible.

Google Logo because I like Google
  1. Get on Tapingo
  2. Select 2 slices of pepperoni from Red Sky
  3. Select drink
  4. Place order
  5. Pick up greasy pizza
Class Expected Grade
E 115 S
FW 221 A
CH 201 C