Welcome to Wenting's Page

This is Wenting Zheng in 2016. I am a freshman and my major is engineering now. I tend to major computer science. One reason is I am interested in game development. The other reason is that I am really bad at noun-engineering subjects, such as history and geography. I would not change engineering major, but maybe I would consider electrical engineering as well.

My favorite hobby is drawing. It's kind of funny that I like both math and art even though they look so different. I learned it when I was about 5 years old. I have tried a lot of things when I was young, such as piano and dance. I still draw now, but I do not play the piano and dance. They are interesting, but drawing is more relaxing and attractive for me.

Kenken Puzzle website paper
  1. combine flour, suger, salt, water, and oil.
  2. mix them up
  3. knead it for a while and put it on pizza pan
  4. press it to fill the pizza pan
  5. put sause and toppings
  6. bake it
class expected grade
CH 101 B
MA 141 A
FLE 101 A-
3D drawing