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My name is Wahab. I'm currently a freshman. My intended major is an EE/CPE double major. I chose this because I want to learn more about circuits and I'm very interested in fields involving computers. I also plan on minoring in math.

My 2 favorite things to do would have to be driving and working with computers. On the weekends I spend hours upon hours driving. I don't exactly know much about how cars work but it's still fun. Also I spend a lot of time working with assembling computer parts. The computer I use is the one I built and I also like staying updated in the world of computer tech. I don't really like working with software as much so I don't tend to focus on that side of things.

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    How to Make the Best Pizza on the East Coast
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  2. Go to Trader Joes and get some tomatoes.
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Class Grade
E 115 S
MA 341 A+
CH 101 A
Computer Assembly