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I'm a freshman and I intend to major in Biomedical Engineering at North Carolina State University.
My expected graduation date is May 2020.

Personal Goals

I'm so interested in pragmatic applications in the field of health and want to apply my knowledge in the scientific field
so I chose Biomedical engineering for my first selection. By specializing in biomedical and chemistry I could learn to apply
principles from physical science to medical problems and develop a broad range of skills that could be applied to instruments,
mathematic modeling and computational engineering.

Skills and Qualities

* Silver award in 9th International Art Festival in Calligraphy.
* Intermediate Certificate in First Aid Assessment of Chinese Red Cross.
* Writing committee of School Bilingual Newspaper.
* Internship at a live broadcast of the Economic program at Hubei TV Station.
* Fluency in Chinese and English.

Relevant Coursework
Class Course Title Semester
MA241 CalculusII Fall 2016
CH101 A Molecular Science Fall 2016
EC205 Fundamentals of Economics Fall 2016
CH102 General Chemistry Laboratory Fall 2016
E101 Introduction of Engineering& Problem Solving Fall 2016