Sherry's Home Page
Welcome to my little home page. There's not much going on here because this page isn't that important, but you can find out a few things about me, my family and kids if you're curious.

I am original from TianJin, China, grew up in the fast city life and completed my Bachelor of Textile Engineering at DongHua University before I landed in U.S for further studies. After two years studies at Cleveland State University, I got the master degree of Computer Science, and started to work for Computer Science department of Case Western Reserver University in 1994. Since July 1997, have worked for North Carolina State University.

My Personal Interests are:
Swimming, I try 20 laps on each gym access, 5 times/week.
Canoeing, this I don't do as offen as I would like.
Tennis, only if the weather is nice and I find an interested party.
Browse Web, as you know of.

My fammily photo at here, wish I can keep it updated. This one was on 2007 winter.

My friend photo at here


 Contact Me

135E Weaver Lab
North Carolina State University
Campus, 7625 NCSU
Raleigh, NC 27695
Tel: 919-515-6749
Fax: 919-515-7760