Welcome to Orion's Page!

My name is Xiaolei Qin, but you can call me Orion. I am a freshman this year, and I am computer science intended. I choose this major because I like stuff about computer, and I am really interested in programming language in which can help us understand how computers think in their own way.

Currently I have no job, and I didn't have a job before. Since I am an international student, I won't be able to work off the campus. I am interested in working on campus to make some extra money for my daily expenses, and of course the most important thing is to gain more job experience.

Xiaolei Qin

Most Intereting Classes

  1. Intro to Java
  2. Academic Writing
  3. General Chemistry
  4. E115 Intro to Computer Environment
  5. Spanish 101

The Club that I am Interested in

Club Name website
Fencing Club Main Website
Photgraphy Club Main Website