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My name is Xinyue Xu. Or my friends also call me Susie. I am one of the students from the Class of 2021. My current major isFashion & Textile Management. But I am trying to CODA into Textile Engineering Which is also why I am taking this course now. I chosen this major because I really into textile and I thought I would be fun to incorporate some fascinating engineering skills into this major.

My dream job is to become an outstanding Product Engineering in the textile industry. I currently do not have a job, my last job was a hostess at a dinner called Yoho Asian Bistro I am planning on getting another job during the summer of 2018. Save up some money for me to invest in my academics.

Most Interesting Classes That I've Taken/Planning on Taken

  1. MA 141
  2. SLC 250
  3. ANT 252
  4. Yoga 280

Club Name Club Websites
The Chinese Student and Scholars Friendship Association(CSSFA) http://www.ncsuchina.org/
The Adventure Club https://getinvolved.ncsu.edu/organization/adventure