Name: Xueer Zhu
Year: First Year
Major: Engineering(Computer Science Intended)
Reason: I am choosing to CODA into Computer Science because of my belief in either being a programmar or being programmed. Well, coding enables you to do lots of things, the idea of building projects and especially working on open source ones excites me intrinsically. In the world where our acts and thoughts are transforming to data and digital records, I wish to be the programmer when given a computer just as the writer when given a typewriter.

My favorite hobby is scuba diving and running with my dog. I love scuba diving simply because I used to live next to an awesome open water diving spot in China. And the process of exploring your limit deep in the sea is thrilling. I love running with Banjo - My mix 8 years old dog - I hate sports generally, to be honest. When music couldn't even make me feel better at the gym, Banjo is my only reason for wearing my running gear and we would circle around the lake next to my house in the early morning.

Click the image below to check out my favorite website! Unsplash

This is my resume.

  1. Extra Large
  2. Square Cut
  3. Well done
  4. Regular Crust
  5. BBQ sause
  6. grilled chicken and pineapple topping
  7. parmesan cheese
  8. deliver
Course Expected Grade
Discrete Math for Computer Scientist A+
Calculus 2 A
Problem Solving Strategies for Competitions US