My Name is Yancy Almeida


This is my Internet space! Welcome!

College and Intended Major

My intended major is a dual degree in PSE and in ChE. My university is no other than NC State. My Graduation year will be 2021.

Why the dual degree?

I chose it becuase i am fasinated with chemistry and seek to use it in a way to help people. The PSE degree will give me a second major in under a semester, and is just applied ChE, so thats why I am doing that as well.

Class Course Title Semester
CHE 205 Chemical Process Princibles Fall 2018
PSE 201 Pulp and Paper Technology Spring 2017
CH 315 Qualitative Analysis Spring 2018
PSE 322 Wet End/Polymer Chemistry Spring 2018
CHE 312 Transport Processes II Spring 2019