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My name is Yom and I am a freshman. I am a Biomedical Engeineering intent. I chose this major because the medical field and engineering have always been two fields that I have considered. However, I knew I was more interested in the machinery and the medicines engineered rather than the actual medicine/ hospital setting of the medical field. Because of this, I chose to go into BME. I also chose this major because I plan to run my own medical equipment cusiness one day and there aren't many women in engineering from my country. Therefore, by majoring in BME I am filling a void.

My favorite hobby is listening to music and singing. Music has always been a very important part of my development. Listening to music helps me be more productive. Creating music or adding my commentary to help someone else complete a song are things that I really enjoy doing. Listeing to music and breaking down the nuances of the lyrics, vocal performances, and intrumentals are how I usually spend my free time.

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How to make a pizza

  1. Make and roll out dough
  2. Add sauce
  3. Add Cheese
  4. Add Pepperoni
  5. Bake in oven
Class Grade
MA111 B
ARE 495 A
E144 A