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Hello my is Yu Z Chin. I'm currently a freshman, and my intended major is Nulcear Engineering. The reason I want to study Nuclear Engineering to help the world create a clean and dependable energy that could be provided to the people. Unlike, conventional methods of electricity production such as burning of fossil fuels, nuclear generated energy does not produce any CO2. I am planning to to bring the knowledge I learn to help develope my country, Malaysia.

I am crrently a student at NCSU as a fulltime job. Back home, I use to work as a swimming coach at a local swimming pool but only on the weekends. My deam job is to work in my own company one day. More specifically, I want to be able to have a company that could provide cheap clean energy for the citizens of my home country

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Most interesting classes I have taken:

  1. Engineering Thermodynamics I
  2. Engineering Physics I
  3. Intro to Nuclear Engineering
  4. Evolution and Ecology Biology

Clubs that I participate in:

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Water polo click here
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