Welcome to Quanquan's Secret Garden__Summer's Secret

Welcome to my Secret Garden! I'm Cui Yuquan. I was thinking about applying graduate school, but if so, I will have to face more pressure from both TOEFL and GRE. I'm a small rookie who major in Computer Science. I chose it because I just want to study coding...If I had two more siblings, I would rather become a singer...

My favorite hobby is rope skipping just because I can do much better than any girl in my Chinese class...My friends said I'm gifted with physical fitness...However, probably I can't do better than American girls...You all have higher level in sports...I also love singing and dancing. My grandmom told me that I should develop more in these two ...

Shi bai le...

resume: Amazing stuff:)

How to make my favorite pizza?

  1. Make a Well in the Center of the Dough
  2. Knead the Dough
  3. Cover the Dough in Plastic Wrap
  4. Check to see if the dough is done
  5. Divide the dough
  6. Shape the dough
  7. Top the pizza and bake
  8. Serve!

My Courses this semester

Number My courses My expected grades
1 E115 700
2 Ch101 101
3 EC201 95

My Hobby!

Oh man please don't...