Welcome to my first independently coded webpage ever!

My name is Yonael Berhe and I am a first year engineering student! I'm not exactly sure which discipline I'll be going into, but at the moment I'm leaning towards computer engineering. My dad was an IT worker and since Kindergarten I've loved messing around with computers. I've always wanted to learn more about the technology behind what makes computers work so thats why Computer Engineering will most likely be my major.

Currently I am a full time student at NCSU and also work part time as an usher for the NCSU Theatre program. I help set up for shows, guide people to their seats, and get to watch shows for free! This past summer I worked as a grounds keeper at Charlotte Latin School. There I moved furniture, cut grass, trimmed bushes, and other things of that nature to help keep the campus looking good. My dream job would be to be a designer that plays a part in creating the newest graphics cards or CPUs at a company like NVIDIA or AMD. I think that would be such a fun and fufilling job and would line up completely with my interests.

  1. E115 Introduction to Computing Environments
  2. ECE 211 Electric Circuits
  3. ECE 302 Intro to Microelectronics
  4. ECE 309 Object-Oriented Programming
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