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My name is Yussef Guerrab, and I am a first year student at NCSU. I'm an applied mathematics major. I can graduate earlier than my expected graduation date, but regardless of that, I still plan on staying the full four years.

As for why I chose that major, to be quite frank, I just chose it on a whim. I had to choose a major coming into State, and by process of elimination I chose math. I knew I disliked the humanities, so that eliminated a majority of the available majors, and engineering sounds like something everyone does. That just pretty much left me with the College of Sciences, and within the scope of the available majors left, I preferred math over all of them. Growing up, my dad was really passionate about math, so that was another reason as to why I chose it as my major. With an applied math degree, I plan on getting my PhD in order for me to be qualified to teach at the collegiate level. I feel as if a lot of people resent math due to reasons other than it "being difficult". I believe there aren't many great math professors out there who know how to teach to the current students in the 21st century.

List of 3 special skills and qualities that are pertinent to my degree field.

Class Course Title Semester
Linear Matrix Theory MA523 Fall 2017
Math Modelling 2 MA574 Spring 2019
Numerical Analysis 2 MA780 Spring 2020