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My name is Yu-Lun Hong. I am a junior in Computer Science. I chose this major because I thought I was interesting in dealing software stuff. However the work load is so hard that I am starting think about if I really want to concentrate on this major. Life as an engineering student is really tough.

My favorite break from school is the winter break two years ago. I went to Japan and visit my friends there. They bring me around and experience their tranditional japanese new year celebration. Their lives is just like what I have seen on TV shows and it made me so excited. I definitely want to visit them again when I have time.

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  1. Go to favorite pizza website
  2. Decide what toppings wanted
  3. Drive to the shop location to pick up the pizza
  4. Pay for the pizza
  5. Go home and enjoy
Class Grade Expectation
E 115 S
CSC 333 A
CSC 236 A
My favorite break